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30% of the world is on social media, engaging with each other and making decisions based on what they see on these platforms. The era of social media has given the power to brands to connect with their audience, and at Revex we are making the approach better for brands like you to engage with the customers by crafting content which enlightened the emotion and turns your brand to your audience best friend on whom they can rely for the services you are offering which scales your business 360 degree.

Our Services

Social Media Strategy Development

We design a social media strategy aligned with your business goals which along with engaging your audience
also makes a direct impact on your business.

Social Media Advertising Management

Our team builds and manages social media campaigns with intensive conversion rate optimization which results in high results and low cost per action.

Social Media Content Creation

Our creative team is dedicated to sparking an idea into a way your audience will love and feel the message we convey which accelerates your growth online.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool to connect with your audience and grow your business by sharing engaging and valuable content. There are billions of people interacting with millions of brands, companies leveraging social media rightly have the edge over their competitors and are more close to their customers and newer targeted audience.

How Revex helps your brand win in social media marketing?


We care about your audience just like we care for you.

Getting success on social media is based on the bar how much your audience love your content. Therefore, we spend significant time to uncover your audience desires, pains and generate content specifically for them.


We click publish with an intent not just to post to showcase.

A single post can make or break the social media game. Therefore, each content piece goes from honesty test where we ask; would we share this content or not and make each publish refined and impactful.


We use the latest technology to manage your accounts.

Technology plays a huge role in social media, and those who don’t leverage them are left behind. Therefore, our team is equipped with industry’s top management and listening tools for your social media efforts.

We generate content to spark emotions and build connections

Direct self-promotion is a turn-off for your audience, after all, they came on social media to relax not to be sold. Therefore, our creative team do their job very well to connect their emotion with your brand.

Our Process

Strategy Development

Advertising Management

Community Management

Effective Content Creation

Measurement & Reporting

Grow your Social Media Presence

At Revex Media we are a team of creative minds and business strategists who understand the perfect mix of building engagement on your social media assets and persuade the audience to take action aligning to your business goals. We would love to know about your company and showcase how can you leverage social media for your strong online presence.