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Our privacy policy includes and elaborates the full procedure of information collected by us from our users/clients, the procedure of upholding our privacy and safeguarding all the information provided by our clients while we provide you with our services. Our Privacy Policy (“Policy”) of Revex Media Solutions Pvt Ltd (“Us,” “we,” “Revex Media”) explains what information we collect and how we use that information. By providing information to us and/or using this website ‘’ (“website”), it is deemed that you agree to the terms and conditions of this Policy. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this Policy, we suggest that, you do not provide any information to us or use this Site. it is hereby mentioned that ‘We’ reserve the right to change this Policy.

In the following privacy policy:

  • Website″ means our website accessible at
  • Privacy Policy″ means this privacy policy as amended from time to time as per the present and changing need of the hour, hereinafter referred to as ‘Policy’.
  • “Data” means the information we collect from our users.
  • ‘’Users’’ means our clients or people providing their information as per their needs on our website.
  • “Phone Calls’’ means the Telephonic conversations of our users with our associates,personnels, team, or any other executive associated with Revex Media who holds the seal of the Company.
  • “Emails” means the electronic mails that are exchanged between us and our users.

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time for referring to any such changes being made you may kindly refer to the revised Policy before providing us any of your information. It is also important to mention here that use of the ‘website’ following any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the revised Policy then in effect.

Our Privacy Policy extends to collecting data from our users, using that data, processing the data and accessing all the information that we collect from our users on our website, such information may include(but is not limited to) the information that is uploaded by our users on our website, conversations between our users and executives and others who hold the seal of the Company over the Phone calls, emails that are exchanged between us and our users and any other information that is expressly shared by our users with us.

We do not hold any responsibility for any information that is collected by any third party either using the Website or through any links on the Website or through any of the advertisements thereof, our policy doesn’t cover any third party dealings/collections. Thus, the inclusions of a link on our website does not imply endorsement of the linked site by us or by our affiliates, Therefore you may read the other Companies’ privacy policies carefully as Revex Media can not be held responsible for any such illegalities that any such third party, who is not associated with us in any manner,may lead to.

Our Policy is effective and applicable to you from the time you register with our Website and for the purposes of this privacy policy, ″you″, ″your″ or ″yourself″ shall mean any person (including a legal entity recognized as a person under law) who is a user of the Website, viz; herein.

What information do we collect from you:

We collect that the information that you only provide to us. For example, if you use our services or submit a job application on our website, we may require certain information from you. Thus, we collect information from you, which may include your personal details like; name, address, telephone number, e-mail that is voluntarily provided to us.

We also may collect certain information passively examples of such information that we collect from you are samples of aggregated information and demographic information, such as IP address, device information, screen resolution, OS version, Internet browser information, demographic data such as your Country, as well as information collected through the use of cookies and other similar technologies and by observing browser functions and the pages you access to facilitate your ongoing use of our website.

If you may wish to set your browser to block the cookies, including the cookies associated with our website, or to indicate when a cookie is being set by us, you may do so by going onto your ‘Settings’ option. It is important to note here that our services may not function properly if in case your cookies are disabled. We do collect your information from third parties such as, our business partners, who may have certain information about you, or Social Media Platforms Etc. We then may combine any such information; such as information that we have collected about you whether Online or Offline, together or we may combine such information that we get from a third party with the information we already have of you.

″Personal Information″ means and may include any information that is personally identifiable; like your name, your address, your age, your email address and your phone number Etc.

″Sensitive Personal Information″ means and may include all such information that is highly sensitive in nature such as your financial information, your passwords, any biometric or medical or health related information, or any such other information as identified as sensitive personal data or information under the relevant applicable laws for the time being in effect.

″Other Information″ means and may include all other information other than “Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information of our users”. For Example, the data collected about device information, your usage patterns, and information you share with us or our associates.

You also hereby agree that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and passwords assigned to you by the website. However, certain information that you have provided to the website may be saved in the form of cookies while you have the option to change the settings as per your preferences to change the settings of your internet browsers to prevent the use of any such information that will saved by us.

How we may use the information that we collect:

We may use the information of our users for the said purpose for which it was initially provided to us, to facilitate the use of our website, to improve our website, for sharing with third pardies, which may include our business partners, affiliates and other third party service providers, for example Google and also, for any other legal purpose. In the situations when the information that you have provided to us is published or displayed or posted on the website, or transmitted to other users of the website for referral purposes or any such third parties, is done at your own risk. Please be aware that we can not control the actions of other users of the website with whom you may choose to share your information with. By continuing to use our website you agree that your personal information provided on the website may be used to contact you to understand your Service Requirements to seek your feedback on order to strike a mark of improvement in our performances on our website, products and communications that are relevant to your use of the website and/or to supplement your search of information and material provided on the website.

We may share your personal information like your phone number and email address with our team only when we believe that our team can offer services as per your needs and desires to you and thereby they may connect with you.

We may use your personal information from time to time to send important notices, such as communications or useful material that may be of any sort of interest to you and changes to our terms, conditions and policies. Whilst this information is important to your interaction with Revex Media, you may opt out of receiving these communications by contacting us or by using corresponding features on our website.

Your Personal information is Secured with us:

We at Revex Media, take the security of our user’s data very seriously and have undertaken various security measures to protect our users against all or any unauthorised access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data of our users. Our user’s data and information that is received through our website is stored on our database, that is stored on the servers which is secured behind a firewall; access to the servers is password-protected and access through which is strictly limited.

The personal information that you share while using the website, the services, applications or facilities offered therein, may be visible to other users and can be read, collected, or used by them. It is important to note that you are responsible for the personal information or the sensitive personal information you choose to submit with us in these instances

Permitted Disclosures:

We may disclose any or all of your sensitive personal information if in case we may find it important to do so for the purpose of national security, law enforcement for the time being in force, or other issues related to public importance wherein such disclosures are deemed to be necessary.  Besides that, we may be bound to share your sensitive information, If, by law, or by any of the law governing authorities such as courts or any other governmental agencies or authorities for Revex Media, to disclose your sensitive information.

We may also disclose information about you if we realise that such disclosure, if any, is reasonably necessary to enforce our Terms and Conditions or in order to protect our operations or user’s security. Lastly, in the event of any such reorganization, merger, or sale, Revex Media may transfer any or all personal information that we have collected to the the relevant third party on the happening of any such event.

For all the aforesaid purposes, Revex Media does not require your prior consent to disclose any such information provided by you to us in any manner before disclosing it in any such manner mentioned herein.

Third Party Disclosures:

When you continue the use of our website and provide us with your information on our website or through any other medium, your consent for accepting our Terms of use is deemed to be taken. By accepting our Terms of use, you authorize us to disclose your personal information to the Third parties who may contact you in order to provide information about services that are of interest to you. We do enter into legally enforceable contracts with the third parties just to ensure that there may be no misuse of the personal information that they may obtain from our website, It should also be noted that we do not offer or provide any indemnity or guarantee for the same on their behalf. Therereby , you also undertake not to hold us liable for any such breach done by any third party of their legally enforceable contracts or agreements with us, in consequence of which you may have suffered/incurred any sort of wrongful loss or due to which any other person has made any wrongful gains.

If you may have any complaints or concerns with regards to the content of the Website or of any abuse of law, you may bring it our notice by raising such issue concerned by sending us an Email at

Changes to our Privacy Policy:

Time is invariable and hence to keep up with the ever changing times, we may, from time to time, make changes to our Policy. We will thereby indicate to our users that the Policy has changed and this will be displayed prominently on the Website every time it is done. It is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with any such changes that have been made or whether or not if you continue to use our services on our website it will deemed to be taken that you have agreed with all such changes. If in case, you do not agree to the changes in the Policy, you should discontinue your use of our Website, as we have told your earlier, your use or access of the Website with the changes Terms or Policies will constitute your acceptance of the Policy as then changed.

Terms of Use:

This Privacy policy shall be read with and form a part of the Terms of Use.

Resolve your Queries:

If you have any queries regarding the Website, its contents or anything in relation thereto, please contact our team at .