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Why PPC Campaigns?

PPC stands for ‘pay per click’ campaigns which showcase your business to the audience most likely to convert, precisely PPC visitors are 50% more ready to purchase from you which makes it one of the most profitable online marketing channels. Adding PPC campaigns in your marketing strategy provides you with the strength to acquire customers in short period comparing to other channels by targeting them with the right message at the right place when they are ready to become your loyal customers.

Run your PPC Campaigns with Revex

Even though PPC is a highly profitable channel, but most companies lose money or don’t get the best outcome from their campaigns because of the wrong mindset of focusing more on numbers and targeting the wrong audience. We at Revex Media takes a different strategy of ‘Human Connection.’ Our each PPC Campaign goes through an intensive customer and keyword research to find the right places to target the audience who are ready move down the sales funnel and craft messages which sparks their desire to become your customers.

Our Pay Per Click Services

PPC Strategy

Crafting PPC Strategies through end to end business and customer research to deliver positive ROI.

Bing Advertising

Make your brand present wherever your target customers are searching for products/services you are offering.

Social Advertising

Conceptualizing and promoting paid social campaigns to connect your brand's message with the right audience.

Display Advertising

Run Display Ads which speaks to your audience and don't make them feel like to cross which increase your targeted traffic.

Google AdWords

ROI focused Adwords campaigns build and managed by experts to scale your revenue with contextual ads.

Contextual Remarketing

Help you convert the lost visitors with the message which gives them a reason to visit again and proceed the left action.

Our process for running your high converting campaigns:

We align our efforts to strategize, plan and execute with the end goal in mind.

  • Business and customer research
  • Crafting targeted PPC strategy
  • Create the Ads and contextual pages
  • Set up the campaign on platforms
  • Bid management and ROI tracking
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Campaign management and reporting

Revex’s Deliverables

We take full responsibility for your business growth from our approach to your PPC Campaigns. Our team understand your business and goal before spending any money and craft the campaign strategy that is most likely to provide positive ROI. After we launch the campaign, our PPC experts keep on finding an opportunity to optimize them for the best outcome and send you weekly reports.

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